Does Applecare Cover the Cost of iPhone Screen Repair?

Applecare is a basic warranty that is provided for all iPhones for one year from the date of purchase. 

This warranty covers any manufacturer faults or malfunction that may occur within the first year of purchase. 

These faults will be repaired free of charge at an Apple authorised dealer or repair store. 

It is imperative to only go to an authorised dealer in order to prevent the warranty from being void.

Applecare does not provide cover or free repairs for the following:

  • Accidental damage to the device
  • Intentional damage to the device
  • Cracked or damaged screens
  • Any other repairs that may become necessary but are not as a result of a manufacturing fault

For any accidental or intentional damage, you will need to cover the cost of the repairs yourself. 

Depending on the iPhone model the cost can range anywhere from $99 to $149.

However, iPhone buyers do have the option to upgrade to Applecare+ that has a variety of additional benefits including free screen repair under the Accidental Damage Cover Benefit. 

However, there are certain restrictions that are applicable to having a screen repaired under the Applecare+ Coverage:

Applecare+ Restrictions for iPhone Screen Repair

The most important aspect to remember before having a screen repaired is to check whether it is still under warranty. 

If the warranty has expired, no cover will be available for a screen repair even with Applecare+. 

You can check whether the phone is under warranty by contacting Apple Support who will check the serial number to verify the warranty status.

If the phone is under warranty, the following restrictions will apply to an iPhone screen repair under Applecare+:

  • Your phone will only be covered for two accidental damage repairs. 

So only the first two accidental damage incidents will be covered whether these are both due to a screen repair or other accidental damage.

  • There is also an amount that will need to be paid which is $29 per screen repair. 

The amount for other types of accidental damage cover is $99.

  • You have to take your phone to an authorised iPhone Dealer or an Apple Store. 

An unauthorised repair will result in the warranty being negated which means that you will lose future benefits.

Should You Take Applecare+ When You Buy an iPhone?

Applecare is free for all iPhones. Applecare+, on the other hand, costs a little extra to provide the additional benefits of accidental damage cover. 

This cost depends on the model of iPhone that you are purchasing and can vary from $129 for the iPhone 6 to $ $199 for the iPhone X. 

So Is This Extra Cost Worth Opting for Applecare+?

While Applecare products are actually forms of a warranty, Applecare+ acts as a type of insurance that covers the cost of repairs in the event of accidental damage. 

The cost of one screen repair is normally equivalent to what you would be paying for Applecare+.

For example, a screen replacement without warranty would normally cost $149 for an iPhone 8. The cost for Applecare+ for these phones is $149. 

So at the end of the day, you are actually receiving screen repairs at a reduced cost due to the deductible and the cover is only of value if you need 2 screen replacements.

On the other hand, if other damage is caused to the phone, the Applecare+ warranty does provide greater value as these repairs can be far more costly than what you are paying for the benefit.

Applecare does not provide free repairs for a damaged iPhone screen and Applecare+ essentially only provides for screen repairs at a discounted cost.

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