Does Dropping My iPhone from My Hand Invalidate Warranty

Does Dropping My iPhone from My Hand Invalidate Warranty?

An iPhone is a fairly significant investment. Because an iPhone can cost so much, you might be wondering whether or not dropping it can invalidate your warranty.

Below, we will go over whether or not simply dropping your phone can invalidate your warranty and some of the options that you have.

Does Dropping Your Phone Invalidate Your Warranty?

When you purchase your phone, you should read everything carefully so you are completely aware of what is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty and what isn’t.

The limited warranty that comes with the phone upon purchase will cover any manufacturer’s defect.

However, it excludes damage that results from accidents, disassembly, and water damage.

Because of this, your warranty will be invalid if your phone experiences damage upon being dropped.

However, if your phone shows no physical sign of damage, it is not going to invalidate your warranty.

Apple Care

If you have Apple Care, if you do happen to drop your phone, it will remain covered under the protection plan.

The Apple Care plan comes with two incidents of accidental damage coverage.

Therefore, you will be able to rest easy knowing that you will be covered for physical damage resulting from an accident.

If you find yourself with a damaged or malfunctioning iPhone that is out of service, you may want to consider getting it repaired by a professional service that has experience working with iPhones and that knows what they are doing.

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