Does iPhone Screen Damage Come Under the Warranty?

One of the issues that a lot of people have with their smartphones is that they are easily damaged.

The glass screen of the iPhone, for example, can crack quite easily and when it does the phone can be rendered unusable.

You can prevent most cracks and damage by using a good phone case but if your phone is already damaged then you may need to have the screen replaced entirely.

Once you have done so, we recommend using a screen protector and/or case to prevent future costly damage.

There are many stylish and rugged cases available on the market today that do not add a lot of bulk to your phone but will do a good job of helping to prevent cracks, dents, and other damage.

Can Your Screen Be Replaced Under Warranty?

Damage to an iPhone screen is something that is not usually covered by Apple’s own warranty.

This is because screen damage is usually classed as accidental damage, rather than a manufacturing fault. However, there are some exceptions to this.

If Apple determines that your phone screen cracked due to a manufacturing fault then it may well be covered under the Apple warranty.

In addition, if you have purchased AppleCare+ then you can use that to get repairs for accidental damage.

AppleCare+ covers you for two instances of accidental damage and you will still need to pay a fee.

However, the flat fee for screen repair under AppleCare+ is $45, compared to hundreds of dollars for out of warranty screen repair performed by Apple.

If your local Apple store is unable to complete the repair, then there may be an additional shipping fee charged to complete the repair.

How Much Does Screen Repair Cost?

If you have AppleCare+, then the flat fee, at the time of writing, is $45.

This is all you will have to pay for your repair as long as this is only the first or second time that you have claimed for accidental damage.

AppleCare+ covers the shipping fee if shipping to a repair centre is necessary.

If your device is out of warranty, then for older iPhones, the fee can be around $218.

For newer, larger phones, the fee can be up to $518.95 at the time of writing, with additional fees on top for shipping.

Alternatives to Apple’s Repair Service

You are not obliged to use Apple’s repair service, and it can often be more affordable to work with a trusted third party.

Please note that getting your iPhone screen repaired by a third party may void the warranty.

However, if your phone is already out of the warranty period then it may make financial sense to have it repaired by a specialist phone repair store.

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