Phone Repairs

Phone Repair Services

Do you have a phone that isn’t working well for one reason or another? Don’t worry as we got you covered and can handle all your phone repairs. We have been providing repair services for many years and the experience gained over time has enabled us to offer first class phone repair services to our happy customers. We also provide IT services and can repair phones from all of the leading brands. If you have any sort of problem with your phone, please don’t waste any more time and reach out to us today so we can provide a solution to your problem.


Hardware Repairs

Does your phone have a broken screen? Is the motherboard not working? Is the charging port faulty? These are some of the hardware problems that your phone can have, and we are well equipped to handle all of them appropriately. We have some of the best spare parts for most of the leading brands and can replace the faulty parts on your phone with quality parts that will last a long time.

We buy our parts in bulk and can pass on the benefits of doing so by offering these parts and repair services to our customers at affordable prices. We are also able to provide you with advice and accessories that will help to prevent further hardware damage to your phone, such as screen protectors and durable mobile phone covers. If your phone’s body looks old due to wear and tear, we can also offer new housing that will restore its brand-new look.

Software Repairs

Have you ever tried to update your phone and developed software problems as a result?

Is your phone slow and hangs all the time? We’ve got you covered for this and understand that viruses and operating system defects are the common causes software problems. We can handle all your Android and iOS software repairs and restore your phone to its optimal working condition. We have IT experts and a collection of computer-based diagnosis and repair software that can restore your phones software and bring your phone back up to normal speed.


Why Choose Us?

You are probably wondering why you should bring your phone to us? Well, there are a number of other repair shops in Broome and beyond but we are undoubtedly your best option. We have a wide variety of services surrounding phone repairs and thus offer you a one-stop shop for all your needs. Our prices are very competitive, and you won’t find services as good as ours at such favourable prices. When you reach out to us for any kind of repair, you won’t need to look anywhere else. We will handle everything and restore your phone back to full working order. We also offer IT services and can handle any issues with your computer and laptop.

Do not let another day go by without your phone working to its optimum capacity. Contact us today, and we will be sure to offer you the best phone repair services in Broome.

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We specialise in Mobile phone repairs and IT services. We can repair all brands of mobile phones incl. Apple/HTC/Samsung/Motorola/Sony etc. and our IT department can fix any and all computer problems from a broken screen to viruses and malware. In store we have a quality range of phone/computer accessories, Inks and toners and we are a Telstra prepaid Mobile reseller.

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