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Everyone has become so dependent on their mobile phone these days. Important messages and calls are always coming in, you take dozens of photos to make various events memorable, and also do office work on that small phone of yours. It is quite natural that when your phone doesn’t work properly, you get pretty annoyed because you will need to get it repaired and could be without your phone for days, or even weeks. However, at Entertainment Konnections & IT Service, we provide a wide range of phone repair services in a very timely manner. Our tech experts are very efficient when it comes to the repair and handling of phones from some of the worlds leading brands such as Samsung, Apple, HTC, and so on. In fact, you will be pleasantly surprised to see that we also replace the LCD screens of Samsung mobiles at the lowest price in town.


Unfortunately, Samsung phones don’t have the strongest of LCD screens

They tend to break fairly easily whenever the phone is dropped or takes a solid bump. When this happens, you need not worry as Entertainment Konnections & IT Service is there with you. We provide original replacements of LCD screens and at unbelievable prices that are hard to beat. In fact, if you were to have the screen repalced at a Samsung store, you will need to pay hundreds of dollars but not with us. Whats more, we provide screen replacements for almost all the top models of Samsung.

Software Updates

There are also probably times when your old Samsung phone works very slowly, and you have to tap on the screen several times to select an app or navigate around the phone.

This is a sign that the software of the phone has become outdated. Your phone will be able to regain its original speed once the software is updated. Our technicians will thoroughly check the condition of your phone and will also let you know if it needs any other repairs apart from just software updates. Once the software is updated, all the previous applications in your phone will be deleted automatically. Therefore, you should do a backup of all the files and images that your phone has before giving it to us. Once the update is complete, you can expect your phone to work like new.

Hardware Problems

Apart from software problems on your Samsung phone, we can also repair the hardware as well. Be it the volume rockers or the camera or the sound system or the SIM or memory trays, we will do whatever is required to get your mobile back to working condition as soon as possible. You can completely count on us because the quality of the service that we provide is unmatched.

Our service charges are the lowest in the market, and all you need to do is call us to and we will help you out with any questions you may have.

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We specialise in Mobile phone repairs and IT services. We can repair all brands of mobile phones incl. Apple/HTC/Samsung/Motorola/Sony etc. and our IT department can fix any and all computer problems from a broken screen to viruses and malware. In store we have a quality range of phone/computer accessories, Inks and toners and we are a Telstra prepaid Mobile reseller.

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