What Is the Most Common Fault With the iPhone X

What Is the Most Common Fault With the iPhone X?

So, you’re thinking about going camping down at Margaret River, and you don’t want to miss on those fantastic moments with your family.

And what better way to capture those beautiful moments than with an iPhone X? 

Or maybe you just want a new phone, and the iPhone X seems like a good option? 

Regardless of the reason why you want to get a new iPhone X, it’s imperative that you get familiar with common problems that you can expect to run into in the future. 

After all, whatever type of iPhone or any other device you own or want to purchase, you’ll no doubt run into a couple of issues at one point in your device’s life. 

Most Common Fault With iPhone X

The iPhone X is a superb device that is jam-packed with a ton of amazing features such as two 12 MP rear cameras and 2,046 x 1,125 OLED screen and many others. 

However, even after it’s release, Apple cautioned consumers that the device might have touch issues. 

Therefore, the display or part of the display of some of the iPhone X models might not respond or respond slowly to touch. 

There could also be a problem with the screen reacting even without being touched. 

The good news is that the screen sensitivity issues are relatively easy to spot and fix. Therefore, you don’t have to replace your iPhone X because of this problem. 

How to Fix the iPhone X Screen Sensitivity Problem

You have three different options at your disposal when you are looking for a way to fix the iPhone X’s screen sensitivity problem. They include:

  1. Fix the problem yourself
  2. Visit the nearest Apple repair store
  3. Choose a certified third-party specialist

With so many options at your disposal, you don’t have to leave your iPhone helplessly lying around. 

Why Choose Certified Third-Party Specialists? 

Professional third-party specialists such as Entertainment Konnection & IT Service can help you with your screen sensitivity problem and prevent any other issues in the future. 

Moreover, in addition to fixing the display, they provide a wide range of services, including:

  • Battery replacement
  • Screen protectors
  • Charge port replacement
  • OLED screen replacement and more…

Here are frequently asked questions regarding certified third-party iPhone repair specialists:

  • Do Third-Party Repair Services Save Me Time?

Yes! A reputable third-party iPhone repair service near you such as Entertainment Konnection & IT Service can save you time. 

If you’d like to spare yourself from the waiting horrors stories of dealing with Apple stores, then choosing a third-party certified specialist is a smart move. 

They will identify the problem quickly and provide a permanent fix for your iPhone X. 

Your time is precious, therefore, rather than waste time visiting an Apple repair store or attempting to fix the issue yourself, find a trustworthy company to repair your iPhone. 

  • What Are the Benefits of Third-Party iPhone Repair Services?

Working with a professional third-party repair service near you has numerous benefits, including:

– Quality services: Third-party iPhone repair services come with experienced professionals who know where to look for problems as well as how to provide a solution. 

Moreover, if you attempt to fix your iPhone yourself, you could end up causing more damage. Experts don’t make such rookie mistakes.

– Save money: While you might save a few dollars by purchasing a repair kit and trying to fix your iPhone, chances are you will make mistakes.

If you cause further damage, this won’t be covered under the warranty. 

Therefore, rather than saving money by trying to repair it yourself, you can expect to spend $200+ to repair your phone at the Apple store. Is it worth it?

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