What Should You Do If You Crack Your iPhone's Screen

What Should You Do If You Crack Your iPhone’s Screen?

Everyone knows how easy it is to end up with a cracked phone screen. 

Unfortunately, while there are new emerging technologies every day, high-end smartphones, even iPhones, cannot self-repair. 

So the story about cracked and broken phone screens isn’t over yet, and will most likely continue until Apple, Samsung, or some other company comes up with a better solution for cracked screens than we’ve seen so far.  

It’s a nightmare scenario that plays out every day – one moment you are holding your iPhone, the next your iPhone somehow slipped from your fingers and time almost seems to move in slow motion as you helplessly watch it hit the ground. 

Then you take a deep breath and inspect it, hoping and praying that your $1,000+ investment isn’t shattered. 

Sadly, your prayers and hopes are crushed when you realise your iPhone’s screen is cracked. 

It’s a frustrating experience. Fortunately, if you break your iPhone screen, you do have options. They include:

Option 1 – Do-it-yourself iPhone Repair Kit

If you have a phone with a shattered screen, rather than leave lying it around, you could opt to purchase a do-it-yourself iPhone repair kit. 

However, before you order the kit online, you need to ask yourself: “How difficult is it to fix a cracked iPhone screen by yourself?” 

A DIY iPhone screen repair kit usually comprises of:

  • iPhone premium replacement screen
  • Step by step repair instructions
  • Flathead, Triwing, Phillips, and Pentalobe screwdrivers
  • Suction cup
  • Nylon spudger
  • Microfibre cleaning cloth
  • Guitar pick

The DIY iPhone repair option can be quite tempting considering repair kits are affordable. However, mistakes could cost you your device. 

If you decide to repair your iPhone screen yourself, you’ll need to set aside enough time and make sure you’re confident in wielding a screwdriver.

Option 2 – Apple’s iPhone Repair Store

If you’re not confident enough to repair your iPhone screen yourself, you can also take your phone to the nearest iPhone repair store

However, you can expect Apple to charge you ridiculous prices considering you just need a screen replacement. 

Here’s a look at iPhone screen replacement costs at the Apple repair store:

All iPhones – With Apple Care+ $45

iPhone XS Max – $518.95 (without warranty)

iPhone X, XS – $448.95 (without warranty)

iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus – $278.95 (without warranty)

It’s no news that Apple’s iPhone repair stores are expensive and quite slow. 

In the end, it would make sense to look for an alternative solution for your cracked screen – professional third-party iPhone repair services.

Option 3 – Professional Third-Party Repair Services (Recommended Option)

Repairing your cracked iPhone screen need not be a nerve-racking experience. 

You should try to find a reputable professional third-party iPhone repair service in your area to fix your shattered screen and possibly any new issues that you might have created after actually dropping it or attempting a DIY repair. 

Ultimately, third-party iPhone repair companies are not only less expensive but are also less stressful. 

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  • Cracked iPhone screens
  • Broken charging ports
  • Camera problems 
  • Battery issues 
  • Water damage and many other issues. 

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So, what should you do if you crack your iPhone screen? Do you fix it yourself, or would you rather get it repaired right by professionals? 

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