Does Apple Cover the Home Button Under Warranty?

While the home button is certainly a convenience to navigate your way around an iPhone, it is also subject to a lot of repeated stress. 

As a result of this, you might find that your home button begins to malfunction. 

Due to it being an integral component of the navigation experience of an iPhone, you will want to get it working as soon as possible. 

Many have a question of whether or not Apple includes home button replacements or repairs under warranty. 

Below, we will go over whether or not Apple cover home button repairs or replacements under the standard Apple warranty and/or under AppleCare. 

Does Apple Cover Home Button Under Standard Warranty? 

1. No Accidental Damage.

If your phone has no accidental damage, your home button repair will be covered under the standard Apple warranty if you are within the standard warranty period. 

2. Accidental Damage. 

If you do have accidental damage, there will be a fee attached to the replacement or servicing. 

If your phone is out of the standard warranty period, you will be subject to the full-service fee.

Does Apple Cover Home Button Under AppleCare+ Coverage? 

1. Accidental Damage. 

If your home button is malfunctioning due to accidental damage, you will be able to use one of your accidental damage incidents in order to cover the repair. 

You will be responsible for paying a service fee or deductible depending on the AppleCare+ plan that you have. 

You have the ability to get a total of two incidents covered under accidental damage.

2. No Accidental Damage. 

If your Home button is malfunctioning and does not have any signs of accidental damage or water damage, you will be able to get your home button repaired and serviced at no additional charge. 

You also won’t be required to use one of your accidental damage incidents in order to get it serviced. 

How to Know If You Have Apple Warranty or AppleCare+ Coverage? 

If you are trying to figure out whether or not your phone still has the AppleCare+ Coverage that you purchased when you first bought your iPhone, you can check on Apple’s website. 

You will be able to check to see whether or not your plan is still valid or if it has ended by typing in your phone’s serial number. 

You will also be able to see when the standard warranty expires by using this method.

Shipping Fee: 

Along with having to pay the out-of-warranty fee that is associated with the repairs made by Apple, you will also be responsible for paying an A$ 19.95 shipping fee. 

Therefore, you will have to add the shipping fee when you are looking to figure out the total that you would need to pay to repair your iPhone’s home button. 

Looking for a Better Way? 

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